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Our Mission

East Irondequoit Youth Lacrosse offers a safe, fun and age-appropriate environment that will prepare and develop young athletes physical, technical and tactical skills. It offers inclusive instruction that emphasize the principles of lacrosse. We provide opportunity for school-age children from ALL of Irondequoit and surrounding communities to learn the game of lacrosse and participate in organized league play. Our goal is to ensure that the athletes who participate in the program embrace the spirit of the game and mature into highly competitive, capable and conditioned athletes that will Honor the Game!



East Irondequoit Youth Lacrosse models many of the instructional drills after USA Lacrosse guidelines and recommendations that can be found on the USA Lacrosse web site. USA Lacrosse has collected and developed the best practices from some of the country’s most successful and thriving leagues. Modeling these standards helps our program to provide participants with the best and safest playing environment. In addition we reinforce that all lacrosse players, coaches, officials, parents and fans have a responsibility to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.

Lancers Lacrosse Board of Directors

Michael Rizzo


Michael Tubbs

Director of Boys Lacrosse

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Elena Matthews



Mary Beth Egeling