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Honor the Game “HTG” through ROOTS

We HONOR THE GAME by following the expectations defined below but we also want to create a "WE" culture.  Lacrosse is fun and should be approached that way.  However players should be asking how the "I" can work toward the "WE".  Ask yourself, what can "I" being doing to help the "WE" (the TEAM).  Am I practicing hard and encouraging my teammates.  Am I a leader by example.  Am I respectful. If so, then it will be the greatest team experience you will ever have. "HTG"

Our expectation is that all participants will “Honor The Game” by practicing the following “ROOTS”

Rules: We refuse to bend the rules to win
Opponents: Fierce and Friendly. No demonizing of opponents.
Official: Respect even when we disagree.
Teammates: Our conduct on and off the field does not embarrass our teammates.
Self: Hold oneself to a high standard even when others don’t