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Lacrosse 101

Attack area:
The zone of the lacrosse field with the opponents goal.

Offensive player who is responsible for scoring goals.

When the defense gets the ball and tries to get the ball into their offensive zone on the lacrosse field.

A circle around the lacrosse goal that is the goalie's area. Only the goalie and defensive players can enter the crease and only the goalie can handle the ball while in the crease.

Cross check:
When an opponent has the ball, or is within five yards of the ball, a player can body check them. A body check must make contact from the front of the player and between the waist and the shoulders. There is also a stick check where you may hit the player on the stick or gloves in order to knock the ball away or to keep a player from getting the ball.

A defensive player. There must always be at least four defensive players on the defensive side of the lacrosse field.

Defensive Area:
The side of the lacrosse field where the goal you are defending resides.

To start play, the ball is placed on the ground between two players. When the referee blows the whistle each player tries to gain control of the ball.

Goal: 6 foot by 6 foot poles with a net or a point scored when the ball enters the net.

Goal Keeper:
Player that resides in the crease (see crease) and protects the goal.

Fast break:
When the offense quickly moves the ball such that they have a player advantage at the offensive end.

Man-up Man-Down (power play):
In lacrosse, when a player commits a foul they may receive penalty time. During this time their team will have to play with one less player creating a power play or Man-up for the other team and a Man-down for their team.

The lacrosse player responsible for transitioning between defense and offense. They play the entire field.

A lacrosse penalty when one team has more than 6 players on one half of the field.

When the offense tries to stop the defense from clearing the ball. See clear.

A playing situation where all the lacrosse players are in their proper positions. Usually means they had time to set up.

Hitting another player with the lacrosse stick on an area other than their stick or gloves.

Moving the ball from the defensive side of the lacrosse field to the offensive side.

A playing situation where some lacrosse players are out of position or not set up often giving an advantage to the offense.

Wing area:
Area in the middle of the lacrosse field between the attack zone and the defensive zone.

X: The area behind the goal.


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